Our life is nothing more
then a question of time.
You spend your life searchin'
for a reason to rhyme.
As we become old
our minds become young.
Like a girl you don't know
and the song's shes sung.
Put your money in the bank
to save for the future.
While you constantly worry
that someone might shoot her.
Take pictures of pretty things
and put 'em in a book.
Pass them around the room
and people will look.
We work for a living
but it feels funny.
I still feel wrong
trading time for money.
rock out with your cock out
Again, frusciante-esque, but this one was let down in the second half of it by the forced rhyming, which although maybe to you might link in with the reason to rhyme, detracts from the piece in overall.

Remember you do not need to rhyme to write a song, and it's good to see someone writing a song that has no strucutre, I've done some of that lately and it's nice to break the "rules" once in a while, it lets you write how you want.

Alright, but could be better.


ps- I don't know if it was, but If you have posted two pieces in a day I suggest you delete one or it might be closed.