We've been going around and around
longer than the hands of the oldest time-clock
no progress to speak of, nothing worth keeping

Every mistake is an unseen blessing
every misfortunate emotionless dressing
watch as the world spins forever regressing

Deeper and deeper we dig our hole
everybodys kept quiet playing their role
nobody ever breaks the mold
time stays still as we grow old

Out of place under any circumstances
always afraid to take our chances.
rock out with your cock out
Well I'm guessing from your username that you're a Frusciante fan, and this seeems slightly reminiscent of his solo work. even the title sounded frusciante-esque.

I prefered the first two stanzas over the rest, yo had good flow and internal rhyme there, whilst the third stanza seemed forced and reverting to unnecesary AABB rhyming. The nding was alright though.

If you're returning, it's in my sig. Many thanks.