is anyone here in the guitar repair buisness? becuase i am looking for someone who might be able to tell me how much it would cost to have 3 single coil pickups installed and to do 2 customizations to my strat copy. i wanna add an additional 2 way switcher and an additional knob. i want thek knob to control distortion or gain and i want the switch to switch betwene clean and distortion is this possible? and how much do you think this would cost?
it would cost alot less and be more fufilling if you did it yourself the parts dont useually cost too much.
trust me i wanna do this myself...but see its my first guitar that i got 7 years ago and i love it and dont wanna f**k it up. im doing the paint job but i just dont know bout the electronics
maybe some like step by steps would help