Ookay. The guitar and vocals aren't in line or key by a long shot for most of the song. Your voice is too "pleady".
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if ur going to play some american idiot stuff heres the settings:

Master Volume : 0
i dunno about the rest
Well right from the start the vocals arent on track with the guitar, you should be able to hear that immediately or you're not ready to record yet. And it sounds like you tracked each little part of the song seperately. If you can't play the whole song through without making big noticeable mistakes, you're not ready to record yet. It also throws the timing off when you switch between verse and chorus, the time gap isnt right so everything kind of skips a beat. And you need to find a real genuine singing tone because this half soft talking half falsetto thing isnt working for you. Learn the guitar first so well that you can play it while having a conversation without losing the rhythm. This sounds like you recorded the song literally as you were learning it (see the whole bridge compared to the original song for example of this.) I don't mean to be harsh about all this but you need to be able to hear the mistakes in your play, and i think that if you did hear them you wouldnt be posting this yet.
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I think you need to get some more practise with this song before you record it, because there some mistakes that can be corrected by playing some more times this song, it's just time.

Well, all the comments i see are negative, so i think you already know wich are your mistakes, but on the other hand you made a really beautiful song, i liked it, so don't worry, just practice a bit more and you will be able to do this song perfectly.

I would thank you if you have a moment to crit my horrible cover ^^

Thanks and keep working, as I say to everybody
i learned this song a while ago, i played with a metrenome, so i dunno. This is the first song i actually mixed, all other songs i did were done live. I played the guitar parts seperately because i wanted to mix it so that the verse finger picking isnt' so low whereas the chorus would be too loud cause my mic sucks. but i know i can play it fully through, the solo was a bit messy, and i guess i didn't capture the feel of the song so i apologize for not meeting your standards. and the singing style is just the way it's sung, i mean this is all american cheese emo. haha i just didn't pull it off as well as adam. oh well, i'll fix my mistakes. thanks for your feedback.