I kinda dig electronica lately, but I don't wanna listen to dance stuff like house and trance, I want some music with mood that I can just put on and listen to. Any recommendations?
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There is a variation on Spanish Flamenco music combining electronic and Flameco that is called chill or lounge. I used eMule to find several winrar compilations by searchin on "Flamenco".

Some of the titles are

Playa Azul - Flamenco Chill, Vol. X
Flamenco Chill Sessions
Flamenco Lounge and Chill

This is very mellow stuff that is intended to be listened to. I think that this is something that you are looking for.
well, i listen to a podcast dedicated to chillout electronica stuff called Dave's Lounge.

anyway, i found a great artist called Natalie Walker through that. her music is great.
Air and Explosions in the Sky.

Btw Godspeed You! Black Emperor are only chillout music until you hit the climax, then you're basicaly orgasming instead of relaxing.
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Komprex, and Realicide are pretty intense, pretty fast stuff too. Not really relaxing.

This band "Cup" is pretty relaxing as well.
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Boards of Canda, Four Tet, Squarepusher, and Dntel.
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The founder of electronica, Gary Numan.

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although it is trance you might find that songs like 'Halcyon & On & On' by Orbital and other things like that are great to listen to, really relaxing. 'Children' and 'Fable', both by Robert Miles, are also awesome. give em a go

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Huh? All these replies and not one mention of Brian Eno.

Ambient 1/ Music for Airports

Ambient 4/ On Land

Apollo Atmospheres and Soundtracks

Another Green World

Discreet Music

Oh, and Pharoah: Go do your homework Gary Numan, founder of Electronica?
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Listen to Timo Maas, I'm really loving this guy at the moment. My dad got me into him (he's really into his trance / breakbeat stuff). Listen to his track "Pictures", it features Brian Moloko from Placebo, and it's a class song.