I've never played a lefty guitar.
It would be like learning all over again.

Any other southpaws in the same boat?
Anyone relearn guitar just to play lefthanded?
Did it help?
If you've already learned, why would you want to start over?

Personally, I find it odd that we (right handed folk) fret with our non-dominant hand, which is much more challenging than picking. Oh well.
Exactly my point. In both cases.
But I'm starting to teach my son who also a lefty.
His first difficulty is accepting the fact he doesn't need a left handed guitar.

And I made the same reply to him as you just did.
"Son, I sez, "Your left hand is more coordinated. Doesn't it make sense you want to use it on the frets?"

He proceeded to set down and learn a couple of chords.
Maybe just to shut me up???
i was thinking the same abut a month back , as i am left handed but play right handed.But i just worked on my picking now i can alternate pick well and im average at sweep picking.The advantages i would say are much greater being a lefty and playing righty than the other way round.legato is easy,pull-offfs are easy, hammer ons are easy pretty much everything on the fretboard is much easier.your picking handed is looser which is a good thing as its your right hand.
The picking hand has a MUCH more complex task than the fretting hand. The picking hand has to control the rhythm, what strings to hit, the dynamics, tone, all the varying degrees of muting. Besides if it were otherwise you could be darn sure that righthanded people would be playing 'left handed' guitars.
Interesting thought flood. On the other hand they don't make left hand flutes, clarinets or trumpets. And the guitar is an instrument.

The dexterity of the left hand an issue for right handers the way the right hand would be issue for left handed players.

Not trying to make an arument for either. Just curious how many left handers learned to play righty.........
Correct me if I'm wrong; mind over matter works for me. If I don't mind; it don't matter.
My dad is lefty and plays right. He thinks left handed guitars and restringing right handers upside down is crazy. He likes Sabbath though.
Im left handed and play left.....when I first picked up a guitar, fretting was impossible with either hand, but I couldnt pick or even strum with my right, with my left it just came natural to pick and strum.
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I'm a lefty and I play left handed... I fail miserably whenever I try ANYTHING right handed, but I can play upside down relatively well. Lefty guitar players are at a disadvantage in alll catagories... our guitars are more expensive, linear tablature and chord charts are righty based...