Custom made just for him. I don't think they're shelved, but they do come with his signature axe if you can afford it.
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They're both signature pups.
"Chuck-E-Cheese called. They want their band back."
How long is this thread going to last without someone posting the phyco exercises video?
If you check the FAQ...

Quote by DiMarzio

Do you sell the "John Petrucci" pickups that are on the MusicMan guitar?
These pickups are only available as original equipment on John's MusicMan guitar. The 6-string neck model is very similar to the Air Norton?. The sound of the bridge pickup resembles the Steve's Special?, although it is not as close. The 7-string Air Norton? is fairly close to the MusicMan neck pickup, and the Blaze? bridge model is the closest-sounding available bridge pickup.

He's changed to DSonic in the bridge, not sure what it is the neck.

The EBMM JP was the ONLY guitar to have those pups, and NO Other DiMarzio was like them. The new ones w/ DSonic, however, is the same as the over the counter version, as that is exactly what John uses.
Just go into the store and casually remove the PUP's from the guitar.

If anyone ask what your doing, ask them back the same question.
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I think his old pups was the air notrton in the enck and the steves special in the bridge or something like that, so is he using the D-Sonics in the bridge now, with the air norton in the neck. Is that the closest thing i can get to his pickups w/o buying the MMJP?