i just myself a new, simply breathtakingly awesoem Ibanez JS1000... its an amazing guitar beyond my dreams, and i love every feature and the shape so much it feels like the guitar was custom made for me, not joe satriani!!
anyway, this is not one of those useless ranting threads that just says "hey, i got a new guitar", and i do genuinely have a slight problem. whenever i select only one of the humbuckers, (either the PAF Pro or the FRED, i hear a hum emitting from the speakers, which goes off when i select both the pickups.. (no, the single coil pot is not pulled when this is happening, and is for sure because of the humbuckers themselves)... i did not expect this from humbuckers, and am used to this happening with the single coils of my strat..
why is this happening?? i hope there's not something wrong with my guitar, that would be heartbreaking..
please, some advice would be just awesome..
tighten all the screws and make sure its not that. single coil is just gonna give u a little hum
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chances are, its your amp that is humming, its a common problem, usually from your amp not being pugged into an ungrounded outlet, or something like that.

Turn the volume up on the amp, and all the way down on your guitar, if you're still hearing the hum, its not your guitar.
maybe its wired wrong or possibly you split coil is on and its not hum-cancelling(sp) umm i dont know really that isnt a lot of info to go on.. but yea check everything.. try it with a different amp mess around with your setting b/c your new humbuckers may be "hotter" than your old singles.. who knows..
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Some questions-
- which country are you from, does your wall socket have 2/3 pins?
- are you playing in front of your pc with the crt monitor on?
- are there any strong source of neon light or flourecent?
- which cable are you using now?
- have you tried using different cables with better shielding?
- have you inspect the electronics compartment for unproper soldering/connection?
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