I really need a new guitar and amp because i just have a really basic setup right now that includes a 15 watt Marshall amp and Ibanez guitar that I'm not too phsyced about. I saw this on craigslist but don't know too much about them and need your guys' help. I was just wondering if it was worth the price which is 400 dollars or if there is something better out there. Thank you for your help and this is what the posting had to say.

"The Guitar and Amp are new just used a few times. I bought this setup for over $600.00 I have barely touched them. Email me for more info and pictures.

Here is the description of the Amp.

The FM 212R combo matches Fender® tone and reliability with 100 watts of juiced-up power being pushed through 2 new 12 in. Fender Special Design drivers. This versatile amp features 3 channels (Clean/Drive/More Drive), on-board spring Reverb and a new Mid Contour switch that lets players dial in a multitude of distortion tones. The FM 212R looks as good as it sounds with its black control panel, black vinyl covering and grille cloth, and chrome hardware. Legendary Fender tone, tons of power and an affordable price makes the FM 212R hard to pass up. Two-button footswitch included. "

These are the pictures.

That amp blows and isn't much different than a larger version of the amp you currently have. Get a used tube combo. You can easily get a Peavey Classic 30 on ebay for $400.

edit: btw, pics don't work, you linked them wrong ("..." in the middle of the links)
what music do you play? generally your not gonna get a good response from people because the amp is ss and most people prefer the tone of tubes which even a bit more expensive is probably the better choice if you want a good tone well imo anyway (dont forget tone is subjective)