i was wondering how much the Vox AD100VT would be in Australian dollars and is it a god amp
I have a AD50, and I like it. It's good for most styles of play, and I got the for $600 Australian, or something around there, mabye less.

So, yes, it is a good amp. I won't be changing for a while.
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I paid $600 Australian or less
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I have the AD 50-VT and I think it's plenty loud enough, and theyre great....not the perfect sound but so versatile you don't care. And I paid £195 for mine! Steal!
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i have the 50 and i love it. very versatile and sounds great. the effects pretty much suck though. all i ever really use is the reverb. but heres the thing. for all those people who want some crappy 120 watt 300$ solid state hunk o junk this is a great alternative. but with the 100 watt version youre getting into the range of tube amps and if you saved up some you could get a really nice tube amp.
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