Hi, I'm a Belgian, and mos of the time I read things about guitars and I can't translate it, or I just don' know what it's all about.

- Set-Neck Construction ? (wha does "set-neck" sand for?)
- Maple top, mahogany body, Rosewood fingerbord, ...
(what's the diffrenc between these woods?)
- EMG Active Pickups ( Active? Are there passive pickups? Which one is the best?)
- 3 piece neck? (3 pieces?)

(more questions will follow)
set neck means it is glued on (not bolt on or neck thru body)
Maple top gives you a nice result on transparent finishes (often used on les pauls)
Mahogany bodies and any other wood types affect the guitars sound and weight
Fingerboards usually come in rosewood, maple or ebony and affect the guitars tone and feel
Not too sure about emg active pickups ( ive heard they have batteries or sumthin)