Walking on the Moon and Roxanne by the Police--very good reggae style songs. are there any more like these by this band?
"You are amazed that it is so easy to infect men with the war fever, and you surmise that man has in him an active instinct for hatred and destruction... I entirely agree with you."

--Sigmund Freud in a letter to Albert Einstein

Can't Stand Losing You, Man In A Suitcase, On Any Other Day.

The Bed's Too Big Without You and Reggata de Blanc (translates into reggae of white); they aren't in a strict reggae style but you hear the influence in there a lot.

Really great band though, good to see some more fans on here.
Yeah , the ones he said are all quality, maybe So Lonely as well ?

They are a good band , not reggae, but a lot of influence they use the offbeat technique a lot.
There is poetry in despair.