I've tried it, and i like the amp modelling. This was just a query, i was watching the demo of the Toneport on Line6s website, and the guy adds in a midi drum track, on loop. I was wondering if they had created that by themselves, or if the Toneport actually comes with drum-track presets.
Any help is appreciated, please let me know.
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Ho, fannychops, mine arrived theday, its a beast. Although I can't seem to get it to play through my computer's speakers, I've had to use my crappy amp. Anyone got any ideas on how to get it playing through the computer speakers?

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EDIT: After mucking about with the recording software a wee bit it seems you get drum loops in the Ableton.
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it doesnt play through the speakers you have to use headphones, because the toneport goes through the USB port and USB doesnt transfer sound to your soundcard
i found this somewhere else
When you use the toneport, the output from the toneport does not come back to windows. You have two or three options:

1. Make it your default windows device, and connect your PC speakers to it.
2. Listen through the headphones
3. Try to route the line out from the back into the line-in on your PC.

I use method 1; I have an old stereo receiver I am using. I have one set of inputs connected to the "monitor out" from the toneport, and another to the lineout from the PC sound card. When I connect the toneport, I make it the default windows device as well, and I switch the reciever to that. When I disconnect the toneport, I switch to the other input. So, I have audio output at all times..

Hope this helps...but if you want fas monitoring, you don't want to route back through to the PC, because that will add some delay (latency) to the sound you are hearing. You want to hear direct from the toneport.