Hey guys, I have an Ashton AG131, and when at the neck position or the middle position (they are both single coils, the bridge is a Humbucker) the guitar emits a very ugly and muddy tone when set to a distorted channel, even when playing single notes. (I'm not doing any chord work on those pickups) yet sound quite nice on clean, although much quieter a sound level then the HB. Does anyone know if this is just poorly made Pickups or could it be something wrong I have done with my guitar? I've tried all the tone switches, and I play on a Vox AD30VT, which sounds muddy even on overdrive. The humbucker is surprisingly clear in comparison, compared to the others, and is at about the same height as the others too. I'll post pictures soon.

Any Ideas?
I would say poor pickups because i experienced that too when i had a cheap fat strat copy.
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probably a combination of them being bad pickups and the fact that single coils in general dont really go to well with distortion