Hi all !
I've been playing acoustic guitar for a year now.
My cousin just gave me an electric guitar, and I don't really know what is it.
It's a Charvel/Jackson one, and I would like to know which is it's reference. It's all red, here it is:

I think it's quiet old (10/15 years old)
Also, I opened it, and it has a battery inside, I think it's for the preamp, I changed it.
I don't know at all the Charvel brand, but god damned, it has such a great sound !
It has a Kahler bridge system, but no tremolo, do you know where could I buy one ?
My amp is quiet old, it's ten years old, it's a Peavey Rage 158 (15W) and when I play, it's very very crackly. So if someone could give me any advice concerning a new amp, that would be great. My local guitar shop advices me a Roland Cube 30 at 210$. I have not tried it, is that a good amp ?
Thanks guys
ok thanks, i thought to the san dimas too, but I think mine has been built by Jackson/Charvel whereas the San Dimas has been be built by Charvel... (maybe I'm wrong)
Yeah i think you're right, it's nice, but I have no idea what it is. I'm not a Charvel or Jackson fanboy though.....if it was Ibanez....now.....
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and when you get an answer please do tell us, i think you got a pretty good guitar i would keep it for a long time
since noone answered your question about the amp. The Cube 30 is an awsome little amp.

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Thanks for answering all my question ssguitar

by the way did your cousin just give you the guitar if he did hes a dam nice cousin
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he said he gives it too me until he wants to take it back (maybe in a few years or maybe never)
Oh my god, you lucky [insert word here] I know a guy who has been looking for a Model 5 for ages, he has a charvel but not a great one, damn you're lucky