Tried posting this in the basic forum but did not get a response. I play a bass (of course) and just bearly learning. I was told to play some scales which would be good practice for learning. Been playing like a major , e major ect. Now my question is my left wrist hurts when i play, i have 1 finger per fret. (first secound third and fourth fret mostly) and my thumb is directly behind my middle finger. But my wrist hurts from this and im not sure if its normal. I also need to know perhaps some good excersizes to get better at this, and possible anything else I should maybe start working on.
just keep practising this sort of stuff, you will soon build up the muscles you need to do this which you wouldn't have used before. In time it will feel fine
Ok will do thanks alot Was worried that i was doing it wrong and my wrist was getting messed up.
Your fretting hand position is perfect. Your hand is just not used to this position. it takes while to build the muscle strength. A lot of people make the mistake of changing their hand position because it hurts a bit, and then develop bad fretting technique. Stick with it, and you'll be laughing in a year.

Good luck, and welcome to bass land