I have this little diddy strat that I got of my mate. It doesnt work do I just stuck a couple of strap locks on and just use it for doing tricks e.g. neck spins etc.

After a few goes, the screw that holds on the strap came right off the guitar. And now the hole is too big and It wont go back in.

How do I stop this from happening. And how do pros do it with alot heaver guitars?
-I'm new here-


You can fill in the holes with toothpicks and woodglue so the thread of the screw and fit again.
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Yeah, do that, then get straplocks. Then stop doing neckspins so people don't think you're a douche and throw bricks at you.
take your pants off and run around town shouting 'CREAMY!' that should just about do it.
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