im looking for a new amp but have no real idea of what to look at!! I really love hendrix and robben ford stuff...what wud be a good amp for blues stuff?? i was thinking of laney.....
well, i would go to a local guitar center or guitar shop and test out the major brands such as fender, vox, crate, marshall, etc etc.

for blues music, i would really say any vox or fender type amp. idk man its up to u, u gotta go 2 a store and ask questions, expiriment.
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yo man i got a crate amp that's about 12"x12"x6" that can easily fill a ballroom, blues is mostly played with minimal overdrive and a sort of raw sound straight from your guitar (mid range on the tone knobs) if you want hendrix tone, you need some reverb and distortion and o completely open raw sound (max on the tone knobs) so check out an amp that delivers clean tones at a higher volume and can get you that raw sound from purple haze with overdrive (the reverb isnt necessary. also, you can take a cheaper amp (mine was like 100$) and combine it with an RP50 or RP80 or the "Hendrix Experience Pedal" to get all the tones youre looking for. alltogether not costing more than about 200-250 depending on your amp