hey guys ,

im plannin to geta new guitar ....but im really confused on what to get ....i want something with a floyd rose and jumbo freats ....also only ones with humbucks ....i play mostly alternative stuff ...lik hoobastank , nickel back and the rasmus ....but would want something with which ill also be able to get the flat distorted sound that guys lik slash uses ....what do u guys suggest ?? ..i can affort anything upto 700 pounds
does shape matter?

EDIT and what amp? what pickups do you want?

EDIT take a look at esp/ltd guitars, try and find one with a floyd and seymour duncans should handle most things your looking for


great guitars, btw, i own a DV8-R (sig series), plays like a dream

happy hunting
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hoobastank and nickelback don't need floyd roses. For that music, take a piece of wood and slapp ribbons on it. 6 is too much. Use 3.
for 700 pounds you could get a used les paul . . .
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not much dude ...im not tht keen on the shape ...but it i dont wanna compromise on the sound ....i want ones with humbucks
Get one of the schecters with a fr.
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He doesn't need a Floyd Rose.

Get an LTD Viper 400 with seymour duncans. Pauli from the Rasmus uses Vipers (albeit with EMGS) and they're ace guitars anyway.
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I third the Schecter, but I also agree that he doesn't need a floyd.
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But he wants a floyd.

However, I think Schecters sound much better with string-thru bridges.
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lol....guys its not jus laternative stuff that i play ...once in a while i love playin dirtly leads stuff ...hendrix ...page....vai....stuff lik tht ...so i figured a floyd rose might help