just got new gear today,(in my sig) and i dont really know much about EQ on my amp i know what each knob does, but i cant really get a good settings for my different styles so could someone give me a few general settings that i can fiddle about with, like a guideline to start with?

i need rough settings for metal bands like:
A7X and Trivium
Children Of Bodom
these bands are different sounding so different settings for each if possible, i would kinda say trivium and A7X are together roughly the same so i can work one out from the other

Possible Guns N' Roses

i just gave a few as if i can get settings for 1 i can fiddle about to get the other, so if u can offer any help for any of the bands above i'd greatly appreciate it thanks
hey i went through pretty much the whole thing and theres alot of ppl asking for trivium and avenged sevenfold settings but no one actually put any up any so if anyone could put them up here i would be very grateful, cos i need to get into action with my new gear and my last amp (bb blaster, lol) doesnt have any e q knobs so thats why i dont know the settings.
Quote by timi_hendrix
Try Bass 8, Mid 5, Treble 7.

for which band?
i found some trivium settings on th einternet but i just cant find any avenged sevenfold anywhere so if anyone has any for A7X send them my way please
hey i know the settings for avenged sevenfold's burn it down, but your gain up to 8
treble-7, Mid-6, Bass-7, i got this from total guitar so it should good. hope that helped.
basically a generic metal is treb-7 mid-3 bass-6 or something, basically scooped mids is the way to go for metal sounsd, and that amp should help too...
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