Hey guys,
So i got this ts-808 and i got it because on MF the first sound demo had me at first hear. My problem is that when i plug it in, it really doesnt sound anything liekt he demo, im going thru the ts808 into a twin reverb so the amp is NOT the problem. It can sound kinda like that when i kick another distortion pedal after it, buy then it gets really senitive, and if i barley move my fingers across the strings is makes a loud noise. What kinda settings work well for you guys on the ts808? i go - Overdrive almost max - Level half way to max - tone anyhwere from 10-2 oclock. I really want a full sound.
Well, you're making the mistake of using like a standalone dstortion pedal.

Use your amp's distortion (drive the tubes if it's single channel) and then set the gain to low, level to high, and tone to wherever you want. It'll boost your overdrive nicely
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Do you have your gain channel on your amp turned on, if not theres your problem because the TS-808 is suppose to give your tubes a little more oooph so the amp gain sound better.
Its a twin reverb guys! Only a single sweet sweet clean channel on these... o well the ds-1 works well for a nice light crunch.
There's no gain for the amp. Just the natural overdrive of turning the amp up. Perhaps the Blues Driver
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oh, sorry I have no expiriernce with them. I just figured its a fender tube so its prolly got a gain channel. The TS-808 prolly was a bad thing for you to buy then. Just go for the DS-1 for now and then later upgrade to a nicer overdrive pedal, not distortion, unless you want a really heavy sound.
It'll only give you light overdrive, just turn the level up and gain around halfway or lower, that shoud fatten up your sound.

What you should do is set you DS1 to low distortion, and then use the TS808 to boost it, see what sounds you can get.
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^But that's not really an option with a Twin reverb, unless you like not hearing.
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Fender Strat/Tokai LS80>few pedals>Orange Rocker 30