As you may have guessed from the title I think there are too many of these threads but unfortunately I need to make one as I have very little knowledge on what to get.

I have recently got a bit of money so I want to get a second bass. Currently I have a Shine WEB825 which is a 5-string I got as my first bass as it was reasonably cheap and in the shop so now I want to get a 4-string (probably mainly for standard tuning if that helps at all) and I'm not sure what to get. I could get probably a maximum of £300 if needed but I only have £250 right now to play with, obviously as this is my second bass I don't need any new equipment except a new case which I can get pretty easily so I can spend all of that on it. Ideally I want a 24 fret (as I do use them all on my other bass) 4-string with some from of preamp multi channel EQ on the bass.

From looking in other threads people have made about new cheap basses, Ibanez seems to have come up alot which I have done some research into but I'm still not quite sure but I quite like the look of the Ibanez EDB400. Also as silly as this may sound I don't want an ugly bass, I really hate those ugly Fender basses. Any reccomendations?
Well I have gone ahead and ordered the Ibanez since no-one advised me against it so if it's crap I'm blaming you. From the looks of it I think I have made the right choice
dude the ibanez edb 400 is a great bass i have one, i love it to bits, good going man.

i speak nothing bad of my bass, i seem to recomend it to everyone on this forum lol
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At the moment i have an Active 4 - String AXL AEB 330 Tiger Pro painted in red, with gold hardware, with 24 frets and mother of pearl tiger teeth style fret indicators. Got it for £269. And it's first hand...