Ok, now i'm using a G-DEC which is...at times kinda fun, at times kinda annoying. And I want a tube amp at an affordable price, as I mostly like playing blues, and I want that classic creamy blues tube-overdrive at manageable volumes. Anyone used this amp? Is it any good? Worth the $400? Any other reccomendations for a good tube amp at a similar price, as I said I play mostly blues, so low-mid gain is enough.

AMAZING AMP. That thing is awsome its got a awsome clean channel......but if your lookin to play any distorted stuff you would need a pedal cause this ones gain sucks(cleans make up for that though) . What kinda guitar do you have and what is your price range?
It's a fantastic amp, it has really nice cleans and sounds awesome when it starts to break up.
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Blues Jrs are amazing amps, they really stand up to higher end amps, I have one and love it immensly.

It'll give you great cleans and slightly broken up sounds, but it'll need to be a bit loud or have an overdrive to get more gain out of it.
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awesome, thanks for the comments, my price range isn't very definite, i'm not even sure I'm getting a new amp, but now I think you guys have convinced me. Btw, I play a gibson les paul standard (I know, a rock guitar, but I used to play more rock and I've been getting more and more into blues lately), I don't really play much distorted stuff, so great cleans are definitely what I'm looking for.
I'm sure that'll make a great combination for what you want.

Make sure you try one out before buying one (with your guitar too) just so you know what sounds you'll be getting.
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When I tested out mine in my LS the volume was at around 8 or 9, and I was completely freaked out about how loud it was. It's got loads of power. At home when I put the volume the same as above everything starts to rattle and shake. That's why I use it with my attenuator... you get the great tone of really high volume but at lower volume.
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How much would an attenuator cost, I basically just want a kickass practice amp, so getting some break up at lower volume would be kinda nice.
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Here's a very good site for attenuators. BTW if you're 100% sure your going to get one after looking through these make sure it's a speaker motor attenuator... there a little more $ but well worth the extra cash. The resistor types will suck your tone. I got the MiniMass 50watt version so I can still use it with my 40watt traynor. If you have any questions e-mail them, they're very helpful and usually reply quickly.
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its probably the best amp you can get for that kind of money especially if you play blues.

i reckon it could prob be loud enough to use at a gig although i havent tried mine out at a gig

just at home but neighbours 6 doors down came over and complained, when i was testing out

different settings, ie very loud lol.

so it must be quite loud
crate makes an amp with class A tubes that run a litte hotter and louder i played both cuz i was gonna get one and the palamino was alot warmer and creamier cuz it had a celestion in it as well... i your looking at those smaller amps atleast look at the palamino its worth your time

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Thanks for all the advice, and for the suggestion on the crate. Does anyone else reccomend the crate V16 palomino for blues? one more question, is there any difference between the blonde and the regular blues jr. (other than color)?
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nope no difference. I personally say go with the blond cause it looks way cooler but thats just my opinion.
The blonde one does look damn cool.

Hey L_Z_Nut, what's the Blues Jr like with an attenuator? I've played mine at full volume before (and channel volume on 5) and loved it, does it sound just like that?
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Don't be afraid to care"

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