I own the blk/gld versn. It is a really nice guitar, VERY light and easy to play, and the pick-ups (EMG-81) produce the best sound I have ever heard...perfect bone-crushing riffs, crisp cleans and quite an amazing blues tone. The pick-ups also help to produce easy and flawless harmonics and the sustain will squeal until the cows come home! ...Needless to say this guitar NEVER leaves my side!

If you can get a hold of one then I would definatly recommend it, although as always it's good to have a bash on any guitar before buying.

Hope this helps slightly and feel free to get ack to me if you want more info on this baby and I'll be glad to help in any way I can.

Take care...


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ok i had the exact same problem. guitar center doesn't carry esp's i went to sam ash, but their prices sucked almost as much as their selection...your best bet is to get the guitar from online or visit your nearest sam ash and hope for the best...good luck.
Try and see you have a SamAsh close to you. I haven't been to mine in a while, but they do carry ESPs.
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Just call all your local guitar shops and ask if they have EC400, 500 or 1000 models in stock (they're pretty much the same, bar pickusp if you want the version with Duncans) and try them. Then order it online, because the prices are lower.
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