should i get the hh or hss? plz respond i am in need of help

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Simple. It's the amp. Getting EVH tone out of a Twin Reverb is as likely as Nazis supporting jews.
hss because of versatility....thats the simplest answer, we could be more detailed but i cant be bothered.
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Id go S/S/S because i hate the look of H/S/S on strats, unless its a superstrat.

but out of those go H/S/S because...like others said; more versatility
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Why did Pat Metheney cross the road? He didn't, his hair got in the way
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Very intelligent reply from you....thanks for the great insight.....

Just sharing my opinion....strats were originally made with single coils....

If you're looking for a humbucker heavy tone, with so many other options, why would you look into a strat?!?!?

Back up your statements before you start calling people idiots.
if you want a sound of a strat's neck single, which you can't really beat, and the feel or a strat neck and like the body shape, but want it to manage heavier stuff, what do you do? You buy a F*CKING HSS
Why did Pat Metheney cross the road? He didn't, his hair got in the way
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Er...I like fat and heavy tone and I wouldn't mind a strat. There are some pretty fat sounding single coils out there, y'know?

The Fender American strat had a pretty thick tone, only you had to turn the gain WAY UP to get heavy distortion. Still, it sounded great.
Both are a compromise.....

Like you said, a single cleans up beautifully, and can get dirty too

A bucker gets brutally dirty, but can also clean up very nicely.

If really depends which tone is more important to you, as both pups can do each to a certain degree.
who cares if it looks like a true strat or not. get the humbucker if u need one.
get the SSS if it suits ur music style.

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SSS strat coz its routed for HSS, meaning you can make the adjustment yourself, and save the original singlecoil for when you want to sell it again. Because i've heard the HSS strats keep their value less than the regular SSS ones.
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HSS is a nice balance and lets you access almost any kind of sound. However, the colour options on the HSS and HH are limited in comparison to the SSS.

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IMO, it's not a real strat is it's not S-S-S

If you want a strat, get one as it should be...with single coils.

I kinda agree with that ha! just the classic look yano!
HH all the way. Do you like your pickups to hum?
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