hey all
as u may guess,i have a bit of trouble with vibrato on the first string. when i do it,i bend towards my hand but i cant do that on the high e. When i do it the other way,its too slow.

any tips

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do you mean the high e string? I have trouble on that also.
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You can move your finger side to side and you'll get a nice vibrato still. That is what I do, just take time to make it sound nice, not out of control.
From What I understand, you can't bend the high e string. Try bending the other way? I bend my strings toward the ceiling, except low E. Bend that one towards the ground.
Of course you can bend the high E string you tool

Its sometimes hard on the 1st fret, because you cant get enough purchase on the string. Just practice and build up strength in your fingers. You're probably going to need to bend it up towards the ceiling on that string.
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Of course you can bend the high E string you tool

lol, I think he was referring to the original poster, as in "so it seems like you're having trouble bending the high E string", not the general 'you' :P
You could try "classical" vibrato, when, instead of moving your finger up and down, you move it side to side.

Creates a subtler sound effect, but still good.
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No, the classical vibrato can do a nice job. It cant get as wonky as vertical vibrato, but it sounds good.
If you're trying to bend/vibrato on the first fret of the high e string (from what I understand), you could also just move it to 6th fret b string, it's make it easier to vibrato, but Im not sure if it would fit into your song/riff or whatever you're doing.
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i always do side to side virbrato. there are times i use up and down, like on bends but i mostly use the side to side, like a violinist. i think you can have more control that way and i think it sounds more fluid and nice. if you reall get it down, try different speeds and you can really make your guitar sound more like a voice instead of an instrument.
to do it faster doing the vibrato towards the ceiling, it will take practice since you're used to the other way. The other options have already been named... Violin style vibrato works, as does simply moving the to the B string.