I'm trying to go for a Dick Dale meets indie kinda tone. I love the reverb sound, I just need a slight bit more overdrive. What's the recommened setup from scatch or perhaps key weapons?
Overdrive? Get an overdrive pedal. I'd suggest the Boss OD-1.

For the reverb, if money isn't a big issue, get a Fender Twin Reverb amplifier. But if that's too pricey, stay within the Fender Amp range. Another good one witch is fairer priced would be the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe, which is also a great amp.
i like turning the volume on my guitar down and then turning the volume on the amp up so its the same volume, but it has a more surf guitar kinda sound

compression is always good for surf guitar too
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I was planning on the Super Reverb, how do the two compare? I've played a Hot Rod Deluxe and love how it sounds, but I want the tremolo and vibrato channels.

Think the "Peter Gunn theme" as the Dick Dale tone I love. Are his string gauges heavier as well?
He uses .16's or .15's I belive.
heavy as hell strings. maybe take it easy on yourself and start with 11's.
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I already play .11s. .15s sound dangerous but fun. I was thinking of gettin' baritone strings...and keeping the tuning the same.
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hmmmm...Dick Dale...extreme before there was an extreme...

You'd want a strat, and a Fender amp with decent power. Essential effects would have to be reverb and tremolo (not a Dick Dale thing really, but the surf genre used it quite a bit).

What gear do you have now?
Honestly, I get good Dick Dale tone (when I play Miserlou) when I use my strat through a multieffects thats running a sweet reverb (you'll know which one is the right one when you hear it), a little overdrive, and thicker strings. Personally, I'd use a telecaster as they have that nice "twang" sound, nobody uses them hardly anymore, and it will help you find that sound that is different. just my $0.02.
Right now, I don't really own my own rig, a combo amp. I have a Ibanez Jet King II. The stack I play out of that's honorarily mine is a Sovtek Mig-50 and a Marshall 4x10 cab(vintage). I use a DS-1 and a DD-3. I really hate the DS-1 I have, I'm not sure if it's the age or the treatment but the tones suck. I finally got one I can deal with.
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