i want to buy a pair of seymour duncuns humbuckers for my schecter blackhawk. i play classic rock, blues and some heavier stuff (would be good if they could handle metal, or a good Steve Vai tone). im a noob at customising guitars, never bought anythin other than strings for my guitar, though im very proud of my re-string jobs . any help would be appriciated.
Also, i hear some seymour duncuns come in box sets of two, would any of these boxes satisfy the genres i play? cheers every1,

R.I.P Steve Irwin
Ive felt that blackhawk's pickups were pretty good for metal themselves. Duncans can get pretty expensive too, so if it were up to me, Id keep the schecter's pickups.

BUT! If you want to its a really simple process. Take off the backplate and the ring supporting the pickups, then the two screws on the sides of the hums, sorta so they dangle. Find where the humbuckers wires go in, there should be a hot and a ground. Take your solder gun and solder off the hot and ground wires from the rings they were on, remeber where they went to, then take the new pickup's hot and ground and solder them into the same places. If you have never soldered before, clean up the area, get the solder out of the little holes, then poke the wires through, melt some solder on top of the wire, then heat up the wire and the ring until it soaks into both of those, make sure its a good solid connection. Dont touch nething else, its not really necessary and you dont know how many times Ives screwed up my wireing doing that. Then just screw the new pickups into the body, and throw the rings on. Good luck!

btw, I heard about Steve Irwing. Very sad, but we all knew it was coming since the first episode of crocodile hunter.
i suggest a seymour duncan invader for your bridge. i personallyl ike them and Metallica used em for Kill em all. i think it comes just one. not a pack
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