Hello, i've been playing guitar for a couple of years, and a couple months ago discovered that guitar's not only about being able to play tabs. Ultimately I would eventually like to be able to improvise and do things along those lines. I've already learned my minor/major pentatonic scales. Also, I've done some work on modes, but am still a bit confused on where to use each one. Anyways, I was wondering what everyone suggests I learn next to help improve my abilities. Thanks
first, learn the basic pentatonic scale shape. get comfortable with that because that is the basis of most of the solos in rock.

next, learn the "blue" note (the flatted fifth) and where it falls in that scale shape. This can add a lot of flavor if you throw it into your solos.

next (and the most neccesary in my opinion) is to learn the scale in all 5 positions all across the neck. This will take awhile, but believe me it's worth it. It will free you up immensely to be able to play in places besides the basic shape and the basic shape up an octave. It will also, after you are perfectly comfortable with it and dont even have to think about it---which is about how comfortable you need to be with all of this, allow you to throw in some arpeggios to accentuate the chords you're playing over. Getting comfortable with this takes the longest of anything--but its WELL worth it.

If your solos start to get to all sounding the same, learn where the notes of the major and minor scales fall around that basic shape. It's easiest to learn the scales this way because you can base the scale around a basic shape which makes the scale easier to remember as a whole. This will also allow you to embellish solos by throwing in notes from the major and minor key depending on the chord you're playing over.

If you really want to get fancy you can begin to learn the modes based on your prior knowledge, but honestly that would be maybe a couple of songs in an artist's entire library (mostly just to show he can.)

All of this took me about a year of consistent practice, but after it clicks, you have like this indescribable epiphany. its a long road, but one well worth the time
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