which makes the song so much more significant.

possibly old news for a few people, but much loved british punk/funk septet ADVII are to call it a day after 6 years at it. seems a strange decision to me, seems as noone has fallen out or anything.

there's a final tour, a new single ('set your sights') and a dvd in the pipeline, then a farewell cardiff gig nearer the end of the year.

absolutely gutted. thoughts?

"After nearly six years, and over 500 gigs, we've come to the decision that its the right time to call it a day. There are various reasons, too complicated to go into here. It seems self indulgent to make a big deal out of it, not least because weve seen the demise of so many great bands that we've been really close to, but I don't mind telling you that we're all really gutted. We're fortunate to be able to say that we haven't fallen out, or experienced 'musical differences'. I'm sure most of us will continue making music in one form or another.

We're going to be doing a last tour, and also a big final show in Cardiff towards the end of the year. The dates will be up on myspace and the website very soon. We're going to release a final single and DVD as they're already in the pipeline. We'll keep you all updated with news about the single and DVD when its all sorted.

We'd all like to sincerely thank everyone for all the love and support we've been shown over the years. We've had some amazing and unforgettable times, largely thanks to the people we've met along the way."

the above is from the bands myspace page.
I shall be seeing them on their farewell tour. Great band, great live too. Pity.
rites of nothing.
Sep 8 2006 - Le Pub Newport
Sep 15 2006 - Black River Arts Centre Bridgend
Sep 18 2006 - Chinnery's Southend
Sep 20 2006 - The Hub Plymouth
Sep 21 2006 - The Cavern Exeter
Sep 23 2006 - The Point Cardiff
Sep 25 2006 - The Vic Derby
Sep 26 2006 - Cockpit Leeds
Sep 27 2006 - Music Box Manchester
Sep 28 2006 - White Horse High Wycombe
Sep 29 2006 - Ski Lodge Yeovil
Sep 30 2006 - Underworld London
Oct 1 2006 - Old Angel Nottingham
Oct 2 2006 - Forum Darlington
Oct 3 2006 - University Newcastle
Oct 5 2006 - Joiners Southampton
Oct 7 2006 - The Pitz Milton Keynes
Oct 8 2006 - The Cooler Bristol
Oct 9 2006 - The Peel Kingston

Those are the dates for the last tour, don't know about the supposed final date in Cardiff yet. I'll be at The Point and hopefully the Bridgend one as well.
^ You'd be lazy if you didn't. Whilst we're here, anyone have any opinions on songs/albums in particular? Their first CD is winging it's way to me in the post as we speak, I've heard 3 or 4 tracks off it but never owned it. 'Here On Earth' is great. 'Black Smoke in Desert Skies' and 'Set Your Sights' are probably my favourites but there's only one song on there I dislike.
set list for last nights cardiff show. notice the alternating between old and new tracks. i liked that.

Human condition
Head up high
Everybody hates
Now it?s time
The state we?re in
Across the bridge
Protest beat
Set your sights
Free the adequate seven
King leopold?s ghost
Gotta stay focused
Splitting up

No space

EDIT: I can't find it online anywhere, but I'm sure Jamie said last night that the final show is going to be at Cardiff SU on the 10th Dec. That's about 2 minutes from my house..
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