Between a Schecter S-1 Elite and a Tempest Custom, what should I do?

I think the S-1 is a little lighter so I'm sort of leaning towards that...
I suggest you supply us with more information or just make up your own damn mind.
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Interesting question...
S-1 elite was my first choice but then I got owned by the C-1 Classic and was like OMFG the inlays are teh pwnzor ^_^.
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I suggest you supply us with more information or just make up your own damn mind.

i agree. not like apples and oranges here.

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Poop they are both good, I would get the C-1 Elite. Also clean up after yourself.
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I own a PT Elite and love it. I would love to get a tempest as it is an original line and says schecter period. The tempest customs look great in white or black .
i have a C-1 Elite and have played the tempest custom and i think it looks amazing in White
I don't know what your price range is, but i would suggest C-1 classic. I own one and trust me, it is sex with strings.
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get the tempest custom in white, it's so damn sexy, but maybe you would need a pup change, the duncan designed pups are not the best
i have played one with emgs in it, it sounded so orgasmic!
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Schecters are all beautiful guitars and they sound excellent as well. My preference is definately in the C-1 Classic, but they are all very good guitars
Thanks for all the feedback guys, and I apolgize for those of you who wanted a bit more info.

Basically I'm looking for a light, fast guitar that I can play show's with, under 700 bucks. I've seen S-1's for 650 and less, and I think the Tempest Custom for about the same price. The only S series I got to play was the S-1 Elite at about 650...it was very fast, very crunchy. Picked up pinch harmonics pretty well.

Actually, I'm really looking to make sort of ambient, experimental post-rock music. I don't plan on flinging my guitars around or anything, but at the same time I don't want a guitar which will develop a crack behind the heastock after a few shows. I'm only saying this in response to the guy who posted that he didn't like Schecter necks, but I don't know if he meant that in terms of durablitiy or playability.

Does anyone play shows with a Schecter guitar with similar specs? How do they hold up?