I need help adjusting the string height on my bass,I tried earlier but when I hit higher notes it sounded dead
Have you tried raising the action? because that could be the reason why you're hitting dead notes.
Please be a bit patient with us. Years of rock & roll and substance abuse made us a bit slow, but rest assured; we'll pondering on it.
By 'dead' do you mean sustainless; ringing out quickly? Too bad, for this dead notes phenonomen on basses is not very well understood at all. Best thing to do is to go back to whatever was the last set up before the problem started. It may take some experimenting to sort this out.
But maybe you mean not dead, but sour and not matching the music that is going on. In that case you perhaps lowered the action and have forgotten to readjust the string length accordingly, so all your higher notes have gone flat.
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