Whenever i pick i rest my other 4 fingers on the body of the guitar is this bad cuz ive heard your not supposed to do that but im able to pick really fast having my hand like that
normally i rest my pinky on the body, but never all of my unused fingers, that is bad
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sry my bad its impposible to have 4 on the body unless u use just your thumb i meant i rest my pinky and ring finger on the body
it's not bad
but you could get much faster with having your hand not resting...
i'm personally putting my pinky on my pickguard...but when i'm shredding i'm having my hand all open not forming a fist and playing without resting...
it's a lot better!
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anchoring is commonly used as a reference point so that your hand may find the strings faster, and is ok if you're a beginner...but once you get a feel for the guitar and can find the strings without the help of the nailed point, you should stop anchoring...it's a bad habit in that it will be a hard to increase speed in techniques such as sweep picking, string skipping, and alternate picking in general...it'll take a lot of practice to get used to playing with a floating hand, but it'll be worth it
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you know ive never rested my hand, like never even been tempted, i guess it comes from starting out on an acoustic, the reference point is the point where my arm makes contact with the top of the guitar, however this varies slightly from guitar to guitar so i always need to play 30 seconds of basic scales to get used to a the next guitar.

Anchoring isn't forbidden at all, some pretty pro players do it, however i guess you might be better off freeing yourself from the habbit if YOU feel that it's inhibating in any way (ie you stop anchoring and suddenly your steve vai).