Hey! How are you all?

I am thinking of buying an electric guitar. I play the acoustic for one year, and I'd like to "move" :P

Now, I was thinking of an Ibanez RGR220DX, but for 600? (nearly the same in US$), it's too expensive for me (i'm 17), and it was ONLY the guitar.

I took a look at the music store, and they have a Squier Strat' for 200?, and included is a *SMALL* amplifier, strap, case, DVD, extra strings and a pick or two.

Now, is a squier guitar good? What do you advise me to buy?

The thing is, I like (hard)rock/metal, and so I'm thinking of covering AT LEAST Iron Maiden, Scorpions and the solo in "Open Your Eyes", by Alter Bridge (i'm kinda good at solos). What ELSE will I have to buy?
If I buy a squier, I'll have the guitar plus an amplifier. Will I need any kind of distortions/effects for, for example, the heavy parts of "Still Loving You", or "Hallowed Be Thy Name"?
How do I know which ones I should buy? And their names?....

Sorry I'm really a beginner at electric guitar... and I'm learning by myself, without anyone helping me, so I'll start to be dependent of this forum afterwards

So, summing up, for a beginner, is a Squier good enough? And, will I be able to play more heavy musics with it? If so, what else would I need to buy?

Thanks for your time


p.s.: forgive my english i'm portuguese
Squiers are alright if you're only just beginning.

And the Squier won't do the music you want to play very well.

How much do you have to spend altogether on a guitar and an amp?
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for a beginner beginner, like someone who has never picked up a guitar before then maybe, but you are already an acoustic player and I would say that you know what a decent sound is (you must have heard someone playing electric guitar in a shop in the past year surely) and I assume you know your basics.

Go for a more expensive one, in my opinion.
you've already learned the basics, and are upgrading.

squier isn't the best of upgrades.
I'm really bad at choosing anything.

Squier: 200? guitar+amp

Ibanez: 600? only the guitar
Amplifiers: minimum=100? and It's really small. A "good" one, that a friend told me of, costs 300? =X

For metal, my (virtual XD ) friend told me I should buy a Jackson, but those are REALLY expensive, and impossible for me to buy...
here in portugal, a jackson costs at least 700?

I know the chords (CDEFGAB), I play barres for F, barred G, A and B easily, I know some 7'ths and at least one minor for each chord (i don't know how to say this)....

I even play power chords in the acoustic xD but they just don't sound right (easy to know why xP )
I started out with a squier and if u were going to buy one u should change the pickups and get a different strap.
okay.... no squier (change pickups? I don't know how!)

What guitar (<500?) would you advise me to buy?
And, for more metal, 7 string-guitars? Can I buy any for less than 700??

Thanks A LOT for replying so fast I see now I'd be commiting a huge mistake if I had bought the Squier!

The Ibanez SA260FMAMB seems good
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Yeah, no squier man. A roland cube and a cheaper Ibanez like the guys above me said would really be infinitely better.

Oh, and yeah, musiciansfriend is defintely a safe store, they're one of the bigger ones, I've probably bought a few thousand dollars worth of stuff from them.
Thanks a LOT
Now I've changed my mind to that Ibanez pack. $249.99 (about 50? more expensive) but a recommended one

I have to leave now. Tomorrow I might be back

I'll ask someone if they can use their paypal for me (if that store allows paypal)

Thanks for all your replies