why does putting lower gauge strings on my guitar make it have more fret buzz. ive ajusted this by pushing the strings furtehr away but this means there furter away from the pickups so isnt that going to reduce wat they pick up?
if you raise the action, you raise the pickups so its equal
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ah thnx didnt think of that i feel really stupid now. anyone know why the fret buzz happens with lower gauge strings ?
it really depends, but most of the time it's simply because the string is so low that the part near the nut will strike the fretboard repeatedly when another note is played, thus resulting in fret buzz

besides, the amount that the pickups will "pick-up" won't be noticeable enough to make a hassle of it...if that's the case, then you are best off raising the pickups (assuming you don't have bolt-on humbuckers or something like that)
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