Hi everyone this my first post here. I've been playing for about a month and can play the solo to sweating bullets. But now I just bought Peace Sells so I decided to learn some of the song but I keep coming across a chord that i don't understand. How do you pick and fret chords that aren't on adjacent strings.

For Example:
e l-----------------l
B l-----------------l
G l---0---1-------l
D l---0---1-------l
A l-----------------l
E l---3---3--------l

Thanks in Advance.
That string in between has a kinda implied 'x' on it, meaning mute it with your finger. So fret the low E string with a finger, say the 3rd finger, and kinda lean it over the 5th string to mute it, then strum the chord.

Oh, or finger pick it, literally avoiding the 5th string altogether.

As for fretting the 3, 1, 1 chord, just play it as if you were playing


Bar all the high strings with your first finger -- doesn't matter how well you bar it though, those high notes don't matter anyways.
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Yea he pretty much nailed it, when I started that held me back for so long.
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