I'm looking for a reliable distortion pedal for sounds similar to Nirvana's 'Heart Shaped Box', and the chorus to RHCP's 'Dani California'

Right now I have a crappy Epiphone practice amp, but in late November I'll be getting a Peavey Classic 30.

I'm mainly expecting everyone to reccomend a TS-9 or something similar, but didn't John and Kurt both use distortion pedals? I play through a Fender Deluxe Strat with a SSS pickup configuration, they're all Vintage Noiseless pickups by the way.

Thanks in advance!
Just use any Fuzz/ Heavy Distortion Pedal
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And yes John Frusciante uses a DS-2 But definately not for Stadium Arcadium.

I guess you could try a EH Big Muff that *Might* cover both. It'll do Dani California Alright though.
Which Big Muff would be best, the American or Russian one?

I could probably get both the DS-2 and the Big Muff, if that would work.
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Could the DS-2 cover the RHCP sounds well?

Yeah I have that pedal. And there are some Chili Pepper tunes I play with it and it fits the sound very well. Especially for the Dani California solo.
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^ Dont listen to him.

DS2 is distortion, Frusciante now uses fuzz.

Get the DS2 and Fuzz. trust.me..
Yeah, I'm definitely gonna get the Big Muff Pi (American?), and the DS-2, both of these will take batteries, no?
a Ds-2 might be a bit heavy for the chilis, try a ds-1 . i think a lot of the parts are only overdrive anyways.
American Big Muff should work atleast for Fru's tone.
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a DS-1 will cover both.
a ds-2 has the ds1 feature built in and an extra turbo function, its sweet
i dont know if a fuzz box would be able to do nirvana...
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Buy both like you said, the fuzz wouldn't cover Nirvana.
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^ Dont listen to him.

DS2 is distortion, Frusciante now uses fuzz.

Get the DS2 and Fuzz. trust.me..

ahaha ''don't listen to him..''

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^Frusciante DOES use fuzz... n00b.
Like Matticuss22 said, get both.
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Try a load of Big Muffs, buy the one you like most. And Muffs sound great when boosted by another pedal (John used the DS2 for that, now he uses a Micro Amp I think)

I've got a Russian Muff and an OD-3 and I get a great Fru tone.

And the DS-2 by itself won't get you John's tone.
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A Ds-1 or DS-2 would get you a decent Nirvana tone and some RHCP tones, but John mostly uses Fuzz pedals these days- either a Big Muff or a Fuzz Factory, as mentioned by R_H_C_P. Definately go for a Russian Big Muff for those RHCP tones, but personally i think it'd do Nirvana quite well also. It won't get you Kurt's tone, but it'll get you a great mid 90's grunge tone. I really don't like Boss distortion pedals much (though their overdrives aren't too bad), but I'd try one out if you really need that Kurt'ish sound.
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John did use a DS-2 on some bits of Stadium Arcadium, I'm sure I read it somewhere. Not Dani California though.
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^Frusciante DOES use fuzz... n00b.
Like Matticuss22 said, get both.

no, i was quoting wat matticuss was saying.