Hey all,

Sorry to burst your bubbles, but I have to say goodbye to UG for a while. I'm resigning my moderator position as of whenever Doug gets around to it.

School is going to be awfully tough this semester. I'm studying Aerospace Engineering... so yeah. Really, it's a whole bunch of things, but I can't afford to spend any (ANY) time on UG. I barely have time to play my guitar now.

So, goodbye everybody! Keep up the music theory pwnage, and stab anybody who gives you trouble! (or shoot them, depending on your current arsenal )

(Oh, and... Josh: Check SF. I talked to Doug about it this morning. Sorry to inform you this way, but I'm sure your PM box is full, and you haven't been on AOL since I made the decision. )

And now I wonder... when I return in a few months... who will be my replacement? Have fun, whoever you may be... there's a lot of dirty work in MT.

Looking for my India/Django.
peace man.

good luck this semester.
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Career and school > guitar website.

Good Luck.
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I grant you the best of wishes! You really helped me a lot with some of my questions and you made the MT a better place to be. If you'd do at least half as well as you do here, I'm sure you'll get a magna cum laude!

Good luck with everything, I hope we'll see you again sometime.
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good luck red, i know what youre going through with the whole engineering thing. tho it looks like youve got a bit more work than i do. good luck tho, build some cool spaceships or something of the sort
Good Luck with school man.
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Dont stress yourself out, dude. It's been good to have you as a mod here.

And i vote JohnLJones for his replacement!
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Bitches be Crazy.

Like i said in the SF, all the best buddy Cant wait to hear (if we do) about how your getting on!

All the best
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You may have to make the grade, but by golly man, don't stop rockin' and rollin'!
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Good luck

I'll have to rely on other people to correct me when I'm wrong....
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farewell, almighty mod of MT...i salute you, this one's to you brotha'
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(or shoot them, depending on your current arsenal )
You're an aerospace engineer...build me some kind of missile.

Anyway, good luck, man.
good luck in yo studies bro.
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With Cas around. We don't have anything to worry about. See ya when you get back.
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See you around mate, great having you here.
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Thanks a lot, you've been really helpful. Best of luck.

I second the call for JohnLJones for mod!
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Good Luck man. Hope the schools goin alright.
Wow seriously i always thort u were a robot cos alls u ever said on my threads were

*closed* or *moved*

But now i know ur a huuman im pleased. Have fun at doign ur work

Can i become ur replacment?
wow does nobody even check on MT anymore? *cough*Josh*cough*

Looking for my India/Django.
^His last post was 25 days ago... guess he's in the some boat as you as far as college/school is concerned.

Still, hope all is good mate.