I need some advice on whether i should get a Mesa Rect-o-verb head or combo. I have already made my decision on getting this amp and I have a Mesa 4x12. I was thinking about getting the head, but then i thought that a combo would be easier to haul around for smaller venues and i could still run it through my cab. Plus I could sell my vox ad50vt for some extra cash. I would appreciate some of your opinions cuz i cant make up my mind.


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Save the cash and just get the head, the "portability" is hardly worth the extra $1/200 and would still need two people to haul around.
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^ true. and a combo + a cab looks stupid.
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^Who cares what it would look like?
If you need the extra volume and air being pushed, get the stack, if you want portability get a combo.
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If you already have a Cab, you'd save money by getting the head. And you'd get a fuller sound.
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