Ok. This is written to be an old-school Thrash Metal song.

Forever Damned:

Verse 1-
Whats that scorching smell
Banished to that fiery hell
Sent into the flamin pit
Filled to the brim with the devils spit
Blinded by the bright white light
Punished by his minions spite

Pushed around as Satans slave
Now my mind is completely depraved

Forever Damned

Verse 2-
Deep inside the cold dark cave
Lookin for someone help me be saved
Tryin to reach a brand new height
Not givin up, im gonna fight.
Longing for the fresh clean air
Wantin that wind blowin through my hair

Pushed around as Satan's slave
my mind is now completey depraved

Forever Damned

<Guitar Solo>

Repeat Verse 1
Repeat Bridge
Repeat Chorus
Repeat Bridge
Repeat Chorus

Forever Damned(Screamed)

Crits anyone??
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