I dun get how the ZR Trem works, what I'm thinking is it can change into a fixed bridge. Am I right?
well you could block the trem off, to make it similar to a fixed bridge and it wont move at all, but to actually bolt a fixed bridge tail piece i think it would need work, but if you put a block of would in the trem cavity so it wont move then yeah its a fixed bridge.

i need to learn how to sum my things up.

and for the other thing, the trem works on ball bearings rather than knife edges, so its alot smoother and ****, and as for people complaining about the ZR's range, its simply because the trem cavity on the S series is as deep as it can go, the body is really thin on those guitars, so the range isnt as great as the RG series, but that isnt that big of a deal
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Yeah, the only difference from a Floyd Rose is that it pivots on ball bearings. Result - better return to pitch, and you don't have to worry about knife edges getting worn out - ZR doesn't have those. The ball bearing action is very smooth - that's why it's called Zero Resistance. Otherwise, the bridge floats like a Floyd does.

It can't change into a fixed bridge, but it's quite good nevertheless.
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They basically summed it up,

But I would like to add that under the hood,
on the back,
There is a system of springs that gives the trem a fast response to Zero-Point
And, here's the awesome part, You can actually drop the E string, or hell, even de-tune a half step, and the zero-point mechanism offers enough resitance to keep the trem parralel with the body!
Also there is a little thumbwheel that allows for easy adjustment of the angle the trem sits on the body, so you don't have to screw with the screws on the back after changing strings.
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It would require adjustment for sure...
The farthest i've gone is E flat standard...
but its super easy when you need to adjust it,
because you just turn the wheel on the back
and re-tune...
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