i'm looking into possibly getting some new pickups for my tele. its just a standard mexican tele. i love the feel and the way it plays but i want something that will enhance the sound. for the neck i want a really bright clean pickup. and for the bridge something that can get pretty distorted (not metal distortion) so what are your suggestions?

i play stuff like as cities burn, copeland, death cab, dalls green, and othe more rock stuff.

thanks in advance

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I'd go for Seymour Duncan cool rails in the bridge - they are amazing in tele's

as for the neck i haven't a clue - sorry!
thanks anybody else? and can ya'll maybe give links to what you are talking about

the fender texas specials have some scorching tone.
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i'd say pick up some gfs vintage hot rails and get a push pull pot to split the coils so you have more sonic divercity, which can be a problem on teles....