So me and a few mates have just formed a band and would like to no whats the cheapest and easiest way to record to a us playing to pc???
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audacity is free
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Any bands you're trying to copy/sound like?
the cheapest way would be to get a computer mic or other cheap mic, and put it in the middle of the room, and have your band play. use a fee program like audacity or reaper to record. thats the cheapest and easiest way, and probably wont sound too good. you will need to do a bunch of checks so that you get a good sound out of mic placement and amp levels first, then record the song.

you could do something similar where you record one or two instruments at a time and then mix the tracks together. start with a rhythm section of drums or drums and bass. then record more rhythm over that (bass or rhythm guitar or both). then go to leads like lead guitar or whatever lead instruments you have. then do vocals. make sure that each new take has the performers listening to the same click track or the first rhythm track. then you can mix levels and do a bit more because you have tracks separated. you need to make sure everyone can play in time to a recording tho, and still make sure mic placement and levels are good for multiple instruments at at time (and the drumkit).

obviously you have more control if you use more mics and gear like interfaces and mixers, but they arent cheap.
i suggest you find someone in your area that does cheap demo recordings
not only could it be cheap for you bu the end product will be nicer,seeing as you guys have never recorded yourselves before