I made a thread that was somewhat about this awhile ago but now I'm asking for a different and more specific answer, I guess

I want to be able to shred on bass, just to use as another tool just in case, but I'm not exactly sure what to practice. I play pickstyle mostly but I sometimes use standard fingerstyle, although I'm trying to lear triple-fingerstyle. My main weakness is left hand speed (mainly pertaining to muscle memory quickness, and pinky strength). So I'm not sure exactly how to practice. (I don't have a metronome, but I'm probably going to get one soon). Can anyone help me decide how to conduct my practices (i.e. 15 minutes on *this* and 45 minutes on *that*). I mainly want to be able to shred using pick, 2fs, 3fs, 2 handed tapping, and Victor wootens double-thump (which I have trouble executing the second motion of the thumb [up]). Thanks
Get a metronome immediately.
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You can download them off the net if you want, weirdmet is pretty good and free.
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There are a few shred threads in MT. I guess the same principles apply, but you might have to tweak some things for bass.
The shred questions about guitar are definately for the most part relevant, even moreso if you use a pick, because the only BIG difference in practicing shred on guitar vs on bass, is the right hand style, which in your case isnt as much of a problem.

Where are you with NPS? we can recommend some songs to try. always try songs that are a bit (or a bit more than a bit ) above your level, so you dont just LEARN a song, you are forced to IMPROVE if you wish to GROOVE

Left hand exercises: do chromatic scales first and foremost, and make sure each finger is being used equally, and you have the right finger position (finger per fret, spanning 4 frets, try NOT to use the ring finger for the 10th fret if your index is on the 7th, for example). I do my chromatics at the 6-9 frets usually. If you feel your fingers need to be stretched out more, do 1-4 or similair, but then you might be straining your fingers, and you can either hurt your hand, OR thers a chance you'll play more sloppy. Also work on the one string 3 note shapes: 1-3-4, 1-2-4, 1-2-3, 2-3-4, 1-3-5 is one people skimp out on, but i suggest doing it. that should be ok for starters.