hey ok my friend claims to have figured out how hendrix keeps his gutiar in tune after useing his whammy bar soooooooo much, but he wont tell me anything! does ANYONE know anything about this???
I can keep mine in tune as well.

I rape it and I can still get a perfect E chord.

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hendrix does not use a floyd rose and also hendrix doesnt stay in tune after using the whammy bar since he plays a strat with a stock whammy bar.
get locking tuners, add another spring to the back (but not too much), many things can be done i suppose
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no hendrix never used a floyd he always used the traditonal one on the fenders
he was never in tune after killin his guitar wit the wammy just it didnt go out of tune much cause it takes awhile to do it and also with all the distortion and everything he used u cant tell he also in his songs like live after yankin the crap out of it does like some stuff improvising and while hes doin it he tunes hes guitar but he makes it not noticable by like makin it part of the imprompt
there are many mysterys about that but its not hard to figure out he could have done it many ways , like i thikn this is right cause ive seen him do it and also when he hits a rong note he bends it until he reachs the right one so that people think it was part of it ,but i no for a fact he never ever used a floyd
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Try marking the slots in the nut where the strings go with a pencil, Helps the strings move more freely in the nut helping them to stay in tune when using a Whammy
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Hendrix didn't wail the crap out of bar all that often. Sure he did sometimes but only every now and then.

He also retunes in between songs alot if you watch alot of video.

EDIT: ^ I have some stuff that you brush into the nut slots that lubs them. No joke the stuffs name is Nut Sauce.
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