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1 2%
3 6%
3 6%
15 29%
7 14%
12 24%
7 14%
1 2%
2 4%
Voters: 51.
1 being completly brutal, just thundering, heavy, very simple riffs and awsome vocals, no solos or complex riffs, any crust band would be a perfect example. 10 being very very technical with complex riffs that are always changing, one if not multiple solos in every song, dragonforce is a perfect example.

6 for me. 10 would be my second choice.
It varies. A lot. I don't like wankery but I can enjoy some early Napalm Death or early BM now and then...overall, I'd say I tend towards a 7 or 8.
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hmm... a 2 or 3. Uber-complexity is alright in some cases but for the most part I like simple, good riffs and a lot of atmosphere.
It usually depends.

I can love slow simple riffs from Isis, to fast brutal riffage from Brain Drill. It's never a preference, just as long as the music sounds good.
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4 - brutal/technical being pretty even, but brutal being more overpowering
this is hard. technical shit with death vocals and awesomeness is the most brutal of all, but yet i like simple brutal stuff also. i like it all.
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I like bands that are around 7 on the scale

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brutalness and technicality are not mutually exclusive (see spawn of possession, cryptopsy, gorguts, etc.)

stupid thread. i'm suprised bo didnt close it.

Better than "What's the best Trivium album"
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I like acoustic instrumentals and Anaal Nathrakh

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I said 5, since as much as I like technicality, I tend to lean towards gothic or doomier metal, which doesn't exactly focus on complexity.
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I like acoustic instrumentals and Anaal Nathrakh

what is acoustic? oh you mean a grandpa's guitars!
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what is acoustic? oh you mean a grandpa's guitars!

LOL. I was just about to make that Metalocalypse line...

Anyway, 6 for me. Second choice would be 4. The band needs to be heavy and brutal and put out some nice guitar riffs and solos but shouldn't put too much emphasis on either.
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Well I love very complex songs. By just even wathcing them play.
Easy songs are mostly easier to follow the rhythm and such.
I've chosen 5 since it depends on my mood.
Err... I'd say 5, because Technicality is Meh to me, and brutal is Meh to me too. I prefer epicness and emotion.
What the f*ck? No. dragonforce is not a perfect example. I like necrophagist, for their technical riffs, and i hate power metal of the "dragonforce" variety, as in happy and cheesy, no matter how "technical" they are. So id say a 10, of the brutal AND technical kind.
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I chose 5 only because I like it all and can't choose between them.


This thread is kinda retarded.
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