Do you guys use random fingering and memorize the tabs and when you know the whole song do you guys just revise it by choosing better fingering so you can play it faster ? I'm having some trouble choosing which finger to fret the notes.

Side Topic question: How long do you think it would take to be just as good as this guy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lR1xYjUMtGA And which techniques/skills did he use? (like using the tremolo, sweep picking, etc.)
You can usually tell which fingers to use by looking at the tabs.

Say you slide out of nowhere to the 9th fret, then you pick the string below that on the 7th fret, you use your 3rd finger for the slide and your 1st finger on the 7th fret.

It can be hard at time, but you just have to keep practicing. You can you any fingers you want though, whatever feels comfortable to you. You could use your 1st and 2nd fingers for everything if you wanted
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For the fingering, there is no specific set method, you just do what feels best to you. If something doesn't feel right, try another fingering.

As for how long it would take to be as good as that guy, he's playing a Steve Vai song. For some people that could take an entire lifetime, some less. I can play that song and I've only been playing for 2 years. It depends on many factors. The techniques used in the song seem to include hammer-ons and pull-offs, multiple string bends, whammy bar bends and vibrato, palm muting, pinch harmonics, maybe natural harmonics, and sweep picking.
Thanks for the advice.

and my god what a list of techniques in that song...........