Alright, I'm looking for a cool scale to use over a I-VII-IV-V-VI progression. I'm using 7#9 chords for all of it, so the chords aren't definitively major or minor. So for all you theory heads, gimme some of that witchcraft!
Use the chord tones.
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If those are the chords you're using.. I don't know how it will sound.. But if it sounds good to you, hurray!

Try the minor pentatonic of each chord over it's chord. (Emin penta over E7#9, Dmin penta over D7#9)

Same with major pentatonic, dorian and mixolydian.

For a bit more jazzy feel: altered, half-whole diminished, whole-tone.

Note that it's probably best to change the scale with each new chord, since it isn't a natural progression.
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