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I love Born Under A Bad Sign! The bass line is too good to be true.
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Catfish Blues is my favorite. Whole album is great.

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once i had a woman is my favorite. and yea ditto on the born under a bad sign bassline.. its cold man.
I that album.

(A few of my favourites listed here)

Hear My Train A Comin': I love the way he plays the 12 string acoustic, it goes to show that he wasn't just an electric player.

Born Under A Bad Sign: I like the way the guitar comes into it (violining?) and from start to finish, it's one of my favourite blues songs ever. Oh and the bass is really catchy too

Catfish Blues: The riff can not get out of my head, it reminds me of "Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)". I also love how there's a rather nice drum solo near the end followed by a well played Wah solo .

Voodoo Chile:
I find this to be a really relaxing song for some reason, it's not my favourite on the album, but it's still pretty damn good.

Hear My Train A Comin' (Electric Live): Pretty great song, I especially loved the begining when he's telling a story and his guitar sounds allmost as if it's doing the narrating.

Overall, 10/10 for this album and 10/10 for those of you who like it

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(Jimi Hendrix - Hear My Train A Comin')

I think its an absolutely brilliant album, some of my all time favorite hendrix stuff. I love the heavy stuff too, but I think top to bottom this is my favorite hendrix album
Hear my Train A Comin electric version is, in my opinion, one of the best Hendrix performances. I love it, there's so much emotion in it as it builds and also the drumming is hypnotising. One of my all-time favourite songs
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Hear my train a comin' (electric) is a 12 minute blues-rock EPIC. I think it's the best display of Hendrix's unique style of playing that's ever been recorded.

I also love the mellowness of Voodoo Chile. And you can't beat Born Under a Bad Sign.

You simply have to get the album.
Btw, something i've always wondered about...

Does his amp blow out at the end of Electric Church Red House? It certainly seems that way and i'm wondering if it's the case.
I just bought this yesterday, listening now, and I'm feckin' blown away by every damn song.
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