i like it, i like the synthesiser thingy in the background too. i wish the soft drums came in sooner.
i think the solo could have been improved a bit, was it on an acoustic guitar? a clean electric would have been easier to play and may have sounded better.

recording quality could have been a little better but with that aside it was very professional sounding. it also kept me entertained throughout the whole song as i didnt get bored at any point. which is hard to do for someone with my attention span.

here is my latest: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=426077
Pretty sweet. Very nice recording quality - way above that of the average UG'er. As for the song itself, it's pretty good. It doesn't really capture my attention all that much - save for the climactic part a little after half way through. The soloing is pretty good, but it could use a bit more punch. Good vocals, though

Crit for crit?